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Argentina: YPF confirms gas field discovery in Mendoza.

The state-owned petroleum company YPF has announced the finding of a new tight gas field in the Mendoza district of Paso de las Bardas norte, with the potential to extract up to 25 million barrels of the fuel.

The discovery, if the geological model is confirmed, would increase hydrocarbon reserves in Mendoza province by around 10 percent.

Tight gas is a conventional resource characterised by its discovery in formations with low permeability, but unlike shale gas it is not obtained from the rock surface.

The Paso de las Bardas Norte well, which has reached a depth of 2784 metres, is in the initial phase of evaluation, contributing at least 70,000 cubic metres of gas as well as a significant petroleum potential.

The field has a surface area of 125,000 square kilometres and is around 200 kilometres to the south of the city of Malargüe.

The operation is controlled entirely by YPF, who in recent months have confirmed the discovery of hydrocarbons in Mendoza, Río Negro and Chubut provinces.

Fuente: Buenos Aires Herald