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Twitter Opens New Brazil Office.

The head of Twitter’s Brazil division announced the opening of a new office in that South American country, one of that social-networking site’s five biggest markets, describing the move as part of the company’s continued focus on its advertising-driven business model.

“In 2014, Twitter reflected the pulse of society,” Guilherme Ribenboim told reporters at the inauguration of the office in this southeastern metropolis, adding that the company’s business model is centered on targeted advertising and on serving as a bridge between traditional media and Web users.

Although he provided no specifics on Twitter’s Brazil operation, the site, which limits users to 140-character messages called “tweets,” grew its account base in that country thanks to the World Cup and this year’s presidential election.

“During the election, there were 39.8 million tweets on that topic,” he added.

Twitter has even exerted an influence on television and functions like a “big sofa,” allowing users to use their mobile phones to comment in real time on televised events such as this year’s World Cup, Ribenboim said.

A total of 672 million tweets were registered during soccer’s international showcase, while in Brazil the number of messages and files shared among users rose by 130 percent when the Brazilian team was playing.

Without providing figures, he said 30 advertisers purchased ad space during the World Cup.

The company said it had 20 advertisers in Brazil in 2012, when it opened an office in Rio de Janeiro and another in Sao Paulo, and that number has now grown to 161.


Fuente: LA Herald Tribune 

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