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Argentina: President-Elect's Incoming Cabinet Replete with Business Names.

Argentine President-elect Mauricio Mauri's incoming cabinet includes people from the business world in crucial portfolios and retains one minister of outgoing President Kirchner's administration, Macri's campaign manager Marcos Peña announced .

Marcos Peña, picked by Macri as cabinet chief, became the youngest legislator of Buenos Aires in 2003 and has also served as the secretary general of the capital's government since 2007.

The surprise inclusion in the new cabinet is Lino Barañao, who has been Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation since he created the portfolio in 2007 and which he will continue to hold along with Macri.

Treasury and Finance, the most important portfolio of the economic cabinet, will be held by 50-year-old economist Alfonso Prat-Gay, an expert on monetary policy and former central bank chief and JP Morgan executive, of Civic Coalition, Macri's partners in the conservative Cambiemos (Let's Change) front.

Francisco Cabrera will be in charge of the ministry of production; Ricardo Buryaile of agriculture; Guillermo Dietrich of transport and former Shell Argentina president Juan Jose Aranguren of energy and mining.

The ministry of tourism will be headed by Gustavo Santos and the ministry of modernization by Andres Ibarra.

Current United Nations Chief of Staff to the Executive Office Susana Malcorra has been named as foreign minister and economist and former Buenos Aires city bank chief Rogelio Frigerio will serve as interior minister.

A ministry of communications will be created and headed by radical lawmaker Oscar Aguad.

Esteban Bullrich will handle education while lawyer and former prosecutor German Garavano will be justice and human rights minister.

The health ministry portfolio will be held by Jorge Lemus, that of the environment ministry by Sergio Bergman, social development by Carolina Stanley and culture by journalist and editor Pablo Avelluto.

Former Labor minister and former secretary of the Department of Criminal Policy Patricia Bullrich will be in charge of security and radical legislator Julio Martinez will take charge of defense.

Peña said although Macri will keep refining the cabinet, it will not include the heads of important State bodies, including the central bank and the attorney general's office, appointed by the Kirchner administration and whose terms expire on Dec. 10 when the president will take office.

"Since most of them came to play a militant role in their government, the most dignified thing to do would be for them to step aside before Dec.10, and if they don't, then we will study the legal mechanisms to remove them," he added.  
 (Fuente: LA Herald Tribune)